AnytimeOffice managed services are built around social IT network, support services, capacity services, and a continuous innovation management. Our services are combined to match the business. Based on the requirements, we can develop a well-functioning cloud solution so that the business can continue to develop along with the new type of ICT workplace.

By gaining an insight on how to use Azure and Office 365 software services, we can help the business optimize the use of your cloud services. At AnytimeOffice, we have developed a packaged solution where we, together with the customers demonstrate selected services and shows the functions possibilities. Also, we can also selectively remove software that you no longer need. Our managed services ensure compliance and optimize the employees’ productivity tools, together with technical support. AnytimeOffice takes overall responsibility regarding the operation, management, and optimization. Therefore, the business investment is fully utilized and be evergreen.

Microsoft Azure services
Microsoft cloud Azure is an elastic cloud platform which provides enormous computing power to various businesses of diverse sizes thereby assuring you good performance with reduced cost. AnytimeOffice's Microsoft cloud Azure practice team will work closely with the business & create a bespoke plan for virtual machines, cloud projects, storage and back up or identity and access management.

Why Microsoft Azure Consulting by AnytimeOffice?
• Microsoft cloud Azure delivers 99.95% uptime performance.
• Microsoft cloud Azure allows you to work with current language, framework, or tool to build applications. • Unlimited server and storage space. With Microsoft cloud Azure you can easily scale applications to any size. Backup and Disaster Recovery – Prevents data loss. 
• Content delivery network (CDN) lets you go global.
• Business Intelligence capabilities provided by SQL Azure.
• Plan your infrastructure for best utilization.
• Lower TCO compared to on-premise deployment
• Faster time to market (reduce application/server management costs, dependable Data Centres, Pay-as-you-go model, better insight with Big Data)

AnytimeOffice team can meet all the Microsoft cloud Azure needs starting from initial review and planning to deployment. Our expertise will help the business to meet the specific needs, Infrastructure services, virtual machines and network, Storage/SQL databases, Active Directory, Hadoop or even Azure’s media streaming and CDN services.

Our Microsoft Azure Consulting Services
• Assist migrating your assets/applications to the Cloud
• Keep business critical apps on-premise and test migrate non- critical applications to stabilize processes on the Cloud
• Define futuristic Cloud service models for transforming and migrating to the Cloud
• Readiness Assessment based on various aspects to evaluate readiness to adopt Cloud services
• Verify assets that are appropriate for Cloud migration and provide consultancy in identifying relevant Cloud services
• Frame a value-creating model for Cloud services, evaluate Cloud ROI and choose platform Define the optimal use of Cloud technologies for best results
• Define optimal strategies for developing Cloud-based applications on Azure Define optimal Cloud Storage for businesses
• Define Database strategy and design makes best use of SQL Azure
• We will guide you through each area of Microsoft cloud Azure to provide knowledge transfer around identity and access management, virtual machines, development, data storage, and recovery and pricing, as well as long-term Microsoft Azure, managed services.

How AnytimeOffice can assist the business?
• Value creation for the Azure
• AnytimeOffice has great experience in implementing large Cloud computing projects
• Flexible and cost-effective platform to satisfy any business
• Scalability to meet the escalating demands of your business
• AnytimeOffice is dedicated to the Microsoft cloud Azure platform in providing Cloud Services
• Microsoft cloud Azure practices targeted at helping clients generate value
• Focussed on enterprises requiring complex and high-performance solutions

Extend Existing IT
Azure easily integrates with your existing Microsoft based IT environment and services 
Open and flexible
Azure supports the broadest selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices
Protect Your Data 
Microsoft was the first major cloud provider to adopt the new international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018 
Global expertise, local service. 
We are helping IT teams to get ahead and stay ahead with Microsoft technologies. We have developed a strong technical and service partnership with Microsoft that continually benefits customers. 
Close collaboration with your team 
We have a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies, and we are well placed to design, build and manage your environment, providing the reliability and performance that is needed by the business.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
ERP is seamlessly integrated application web-based software for Manufacturers and Exporters; exclusively designed
for Franchising and Apparel sector. The product is unique in nature and addresses all key areas of the sector and provides detailed information at every stage of the business process. ERP is developed using the latest technology tools and ensures easy migration to any new platform. 

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
ERP for Branding & Warehousing Distribution is the most cumbersome area of any business especially when the network and the customer bases are large. ERP helps in automation of the entire business from warehousing, distribution and retailing under a single network through its cloud-based SCM module. The aoERP would cover from the basic functionalities to unique digital cataloging, ordering, customer relation including status updates, sales monitoring, employee reporting, automated FIFO based despatch, invoicing, quotations and complete branding functions with territory based costing and overhead monitoring functionalities.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)
CRM for the Education, Franchising, Builders, Hospitals, Not-For-Profit; Finance, Banking, Logistics, Telecommunications, Sports, Entertainment and Apparel Business the key functionalities like time and quality are the key functional elements of merchandising and we are proud to present you an ultimate web-enabled product that was an outcome of our 15+ years of experience in working directly in the Industry. The entire global market is switching towards automation and an Integrated Software Application can help sustain with a market that expects pace, volume, and quality. Information sharing has become a vital part of every business and anyone not into that fray would be literally out of the market. Globalization has now thrown tremendous pressure on each country and businessman to excel each other to prove their customer that they are better than their competitors.

Human Resource Management (HR)
CRM for HR & Payroll Management helps in automating the entire HR operations of any company. The product is cloud-based with multi-currency option to handle employees across the globe. CRM product provides integrated features to maintain Staff Recruitment, Employee Work History, Attendance, Salary and all statutory reports. CRM provides user-friendly interface for defining Allowances, Deductions, Insurance, Pensions, Deposits, Taxes of employees in Global or individual basis. User Rights setup with regard to Branches and Offices ensures effective filtration of information with respect to a respective department, office or a country. 

Point of Sale (PoS)
ERP for Retail & Chain Stores can be used as a cash register in retail shops to record daily transactions of the shop. ERP can track Inventory, print Invoices, and Receipts, handle Payments. The product shall work with Bar-code readers and is totally integrated on the central application used at the Warehouse operations.

ERP is capable of synchronization of all transactions related to Sales, Stock, Discount Schemes, Product offers information to and from the central distribution database every five minutes. This facility helps the central warehouse to plan an auto-replenishment to the store.

Inventory & Logistics Management
Manage retail stores to provide full control over your business, maintaining Inventory and logistics capability accurately.
POS System & Reporting
Provide a superior physical store experience with a modern POS that enables you to satisfy omnichannel shoppers and build customer loyalty. 
HR & Performance Management 
Integrate POS sales and time & attendance data to streamline processes and get richer insights on timesheets, staff rosters, integrated payroll. 
Order & Supplier Management 
Manage orders effectively with the supplier network, including manufacturers and distributors, to better meet the demands of today's consumers. 
Accounts & Financial Management 
Complete financial visibility of the Franchisee operation including sales, marketing, payments, purchases, transfers and stock adjustments. 
Technical Support AO Software Suits
Our support include all the necessary software and hardware including Install Microsoft Applications Update and necessary Configuration.



Plan, Design, Implement and Migrate IT to Azure Cloud in a very cost-effective and professional manner.


AnytimeOffice Cloud research team is always keen to identify innovative approaches towards productivity and business growth.


AnytimeOffice cloud services are designed thoughtfully, with years of industry experience, to address today's and future business challenges.


AnytimeOffice places high priority on the security of network, data and transactions, and is designed according to industry standards.  


AnytimeOffice team always focuses on the best interest of customers and maintains the solution delivery with high standards.


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