AnytimeOffice is partnering with Microsoft’s Team to ensure that we deliver the highest level of support for our clients. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable IT engineers has the expertise in solution designing focusing the mordern workplace, troubleshooting and resolving critical issues quickly to keep the business moving forward.

AnytimeOffice, as one of the leading SharePoint and Office 365 consultants, can assist businesses with all range of software needs. We provide a full range of services to ensure that the business gets access to the necessary support when needed from our Microsoft 365 Technical Experts (on-site or remotely, based on the customer requirements) in a very cost-effective manner.

AnytimeOffice has the option to provide 24x7 supports through the Service Level Agreements (SLA), and the client can receive the full range of Microsoft Office 365 support as part of the AnytimeOffice service offerings. As a leading Microsoft Partner, we always follow the best practice standard and technology guidelines which are set by Microsoft or other software, hardware manufacturers. AnytimeOffice support team, always try to ensure that the highest level of Microsoft Technical support is provided at the Innovation Centre with an outstanding experience every time. 

Office 365 Implementation
We have the expertise to plan, design and deliver Office 365 to businesses of all sizes in a cost-effective manner. 
Office 365 Migration Strategy
We review the current position of the business in line with their long-term vision and budgets as part of the strategy.
New Staff Onboarding
We set up a new employee on Office 365, create an email address and assist in configuring Outlook, OneDrive, and Lync if required.
New Device Setup and Rollout
Our expert technicians set up the devices (mobile, PC and web) for the business as part of the new staff onboarding and BAU service offering for business.
Employee Exit and Security Check
We provide the right software solution to the business at the time of employee exit or at the time of employment termination through appropriate checks.
Technical Support Office 365
Our support includes all the necessary software and hardware, including Install of Microsoft Applications Updates and necessary Configuration.


AnytimeOffice’s technical team has the experience and knowledge to support SharePoint and Microsoft 365, and our skilled consultants, technicians have an in-depth understanding of the technology and industry standards; and can troubleshoot, resolve networking, infrastructure or other critical issues in a timely manner to keep the business moving forward and transform as a modern workplace.

AnytimeOffice can assist in moving the business towards the future growth with the latest stack of full Microsoft Office suites, SharePoint, Document platforms, and a wide range of integrated collaboration services including advanced compliance features. Based on the IT needs at SME business; SharePoint and Microsoft 365 brings together the latest versions of trusted and familiar software towards the modern workplace transformation for all types and sizes of businesses. AnytimeOffice can guide the business towards implementing SharePoint and Microsoft 365 implementation which can deliver cutting-edge communication and collaboration in a very cost-effective manner with the ability to work with the team at any time and anywhere in a very integrated manner.

AnytimeOffice has the capability of providing a tailored solution for your business. Choose from a range of plans and options at AnytimeOffice Marketplace that will allow the staff to access the latest Office software securely over the internet connection from compatible devices (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Internet Browsers). Most of the business need tools which can access anywhere that support teamwork, collaborations which SharePoint and Microsoft 365 delivers. Each user can install Office and other integrated Apps on up to five devices to work across devices to keep projects moving ahead. Files are always up to date, and the team members can work together on the same document in the real-time when needed. Sharing files inside and outside the organisation including large and confidential files is simple and secure to process. The team members can join online meetings with HD video quality (through Mobile, PC or Mac devices) and screen sharing capability enables the true value to the team towards integrated modern workplace. 

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 simplifies compliance by enabling the business to archive, use in-place legal hold and find the documents fast by searching across mailboxes, team sites and recorded meetings. AnytimeOffice provides the necessary support as part of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 implementation that can give business the freedom, flexibility, and control while reducing the IT operational overhead. AnytimeOffice can assist in migrating the on-premises server to the cloud-based Microsoft 365, help to stop managing servers internally and get guaranteed 99.9% uptime. This will allow the business to stay in full control and save time and money by managing the IT services easily and in an efficient manner.

Some of the important features of Microsoft 365:

Microsoft Exchange Online: provides the benefits of cloud-based email with business grade capabilities that Microsoft Exchange Server has been providing for decades.

Microsoft SharePoint Online: provides the business with a highly secure, central location to assist all the staff to efficiently collaborate, run web-based applications, find stored organisational resources, manage content and workflow, and gain the BI that they need to make appropriate business decisions.

Microsoft Lync Online: helps the business to increase the organisational productivity by adding presence, instant messaging and audio/video calling to the business ICT infrastructure.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus: provides all staff with the latest version of Microsoft Office suites (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and more) as part of the business operation on up to five devices per user license.

Microsoft Office Web Apps: provides convenient online access to cloud-based Microsoft Office suites (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) which is fully functional and accessible through a web browser.

Safeguard your data and Cyberthreat Protection:
Guard against unsafe attachments, suspicious links, and other malware. H
elp protect against security threats, secure your business data from accidental leaks, and control who has access to the business information. Gain peace of mind that you have tools to help you remain compliant. 

Device Management (Mobile and PC):
Securely manage iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices including self-service PC deployment with Windows AutoPilot; and simplified controls to manage Windows PCs and upgrad options from older Windows operating system


AnytimeOffice brings to the power of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Deployment Services to utilise the full potential of Cloud. We offer a key range of Office 365 deployment services to business enterprises who are seeking to simplify their office environment.

ShaePoint and Microsoft 365 deployment are one of the most critical phases of cloud adoption strategy. This final step towards Cloud can help you unleash the full potential of Microsoft 365. Our tech-savvy professionals understand the business requirement and thereby offer the best-suited deployment plans. Once plans get approved, we streamline the SharePoint and Microsoft 365 deployment process to the business.

1. Traditional Approach:
• 1.1. Plan: Our consultants collaborate with client’s team to understand the system requirement. Based on the needs, we offer the best SharePoint and Microsoft 365 deployment plan.
• 1.2. Prepare: Our developers along with consultants and technical support members prepare guidelines to safely migrate the on-premise data to a Cloud-based platform.
• 1.3. Migrate: Once a guideline gets approved, our tech-savvy professionals unleash the best of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 technical knowledge to migrate data safely to SharePoint, Office 365 suite and other associated Apps.

2. Fast Track Deployment Approach:
undertakes this approach for all size of business (from SME to Enterprises). 
• 2.1. Pilot Phase: Get Microsoft 365 productive tools –SharePoint Online, Teams, Stream, Delve, Sway, Flow and Office Web apps to get an insight into Cloud.
• 2.2 Deploy Phase: Update the Microsoft 365 pilot to full deployment of Microsoft 365. Our consultants make sure that all the important documents get safely transferred to Cloud with Office 365 suite. The users are entitled to leverage the full range of technical tools-Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Office 365 ProPlus, and Yammer.
• 2.3. Enhance Phase: Enhance the operational productivity with value-added features- Single Sign-On (SSO), hybrid Exchange, hybrid Lync, and hybrid SharePoint.



Plan, Design, Implement and Migrate Microsoft Office 365 in a very cost-effective and professional manner.


AnytimeOffice Cloud research team is always keen to identify innovative approaches towards productivity and business growth.


AnytimeOffice cloud services are designed thoughtfully by applying years of industry experience to address the today's business challenges.


AnytimeOffice places a high priority on the security of network, data and transactions and is designed according to industry standards. 


AnytimeOffice team always focuses on the best interest of clients and maintains the solution delivery with high standards.


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