SharePoint and Dynamics 365 is the most versatile platform ever introduced by Microsoft. The platform includes several components which when used in precise combination can solve most complex challenges for any business. AnytimeOffice Solution Architecture Services has focused on SharePoint and Dynamics 365 since early time, which has helped us accumulate years of experience, strong skills and diverse experience on Microsoft technologies roadmaps and implementation strategy. 

The primary focus of enterprise business services is to lay down the foundation for Dynamics 365 and SharePoint document management and collaboration platform; so that the business can carry on the business in a seamless manner. It is imperative to have a strong Information Architecture and Enterprise Sales Management solutions coupled with proven methodologies to plan, design, prototype & validate. The ultimate aim should be to optimally use out-of-the-box features, minimize customizations and reduce development time and cost. 

Key Deliverables: 
• Solution Architecture
• Proof of Concept
• Design Specification
• Data Migration and Rollout

AnytimeOffice Values towards SharePoint and Dynamics 365: 
• In-depth knowledge of underlying the .NET framework
• Microsoft certified architects
• Experienced in WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, SP 2010, SP 2013, Office365 and Dynamics 365

AnytimeOffice Approach:
• Thought through Information Architecture
• Minimum Customization
• Plan, Design, Prototype and Validate
• Scalable Sales and Document Management Solutions


For most organizations, taking the first step towards adopting a new technology platform is the most difficult one. AnytimeOffice’s SharePoint and Dynamics 365 consulting team help organizations in short implementation cycle and faster user adoption. Organizations want to start small, ensuring buy-in from all user groups, minimize the risks and gain feedback from stakeholders, leading to long-term gains towards document management and sales, productivity.

Our Quick Start engagement is a structured program to help organizations get a comprehensive understanding of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 capabilities, create an implementation roadmap to meet the business initiatives – in the areas of content management, collaboration, workflow, and search.

Stage 1: Get the hang of SharePoint and Dynamics 365:
Unlike other products, SharePoint and Dynamics 365 is a multi-purpose platform that combines capabilities ranging from Collaboration, Document management, Business process management, Business Intelligence, Search, Social Insights, Sales, CRM/ERP (on all different types of industries). It is imperative to have a skilled and experienced consulting partner who can guide you through your adoption journey towards SharePoint and Dynamics 365.

This stage focuses on familiarizing you with capabilities of SharePoint and Dynamics 365, its business use and application areas within your industry domain. We also map the features and functionalities of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 against your business needs and use cases. The end goal of the SharePoint and Dynamics 365 consulting team is to create a plan and roadmap to deploy cost-effective and effective solution for the business.

We have a well-defined engagement methodology & plan that is developed and optimized over years of practice.

Key Deliverables: 
• Demonstration of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 features and capabilities
• Evaluate SharePoint and Dynamics 365 for your Business needs
• Customized Deployment Roadmap and Implementation Plans

Stage 2: Planned onboarding eliminates implementation pitfalls
After the introduction and requirements assessment, our SharePoint and Dynamics 365 consulting will set up your first enterprise-grade business application platform. This phase is ideally suited for hand holding and on the job training for the business and technical staff. If you already have an existing environment, we will help assess and validate the same.

Our SharePoint and Dynamics 365 consulting team will work with your IT and user teams to configure the desired features and functions of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 in a way that is aligned with your business. 

Key Deliverables:
• SharePoint and Dynamics 365 Set-up and Customisation

• A configuration of out-of-the-box SharePoint and Dynamics 365 features

Stage 3: Our SharePoint and Dynamics 365 consulting team prepare the business to manage better
Setting up SharePoint and Dynamics 365 is a simple process and training is essential for quicker adoption of the technology and realisation of the business value. Our consulting team will devise an enablement strategy for business users and administrators, and saves you time and money at the same time ensures complete visibility across all phases. Performance, scalability, and security are hallmarks as well as guiding principles of our implementation services.

Key Deliverables:
• Business Staff Training
• Administrators Training

AnytimeOffice's team of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 developers implement custom development (fully or separate custom features) solutions using Web Apps and deliver fascinating solutions to the clients.

Key areas of expertise:
• SharePoint Content Management and Enterprise Document Management System
• The Content Management system in multi-lingual
• Building SharePoint Farm Architecture as per Microsoft Best Practices
• SharePoint App Development (Provider Hosted App and SharePoint Hosted App)
• Synchronize Azure Active Directory with SharePoint
• Integrating other systems with SharePoint and upgrading legacy sites to new versions
• SharePoint Business Intelligence, BI Capabilities such as Reports, Charts, and Graphs in SharePoint Development and Dashboard Development
• Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, Field Service, Project, Community, and Resource-based features configuration and customisation based on the business needs 
• CRM / ERP strategy and roadmap planning through the effective workshop which is designed and planned for the business 
• Dynamics 365 Dashboard and Reporting customisation and integration through SharePoint towards the effective document management and collaboration with the Teams 
• Migrating On-premises version to latest SharePoint and Dynamics 365 online version
• Experienced in Migration from on-premise version to Office and Dynamics 365 with Content Migration
• Office 365 Application Development, Customization, and Integration
• Integration of other Line-of-Business applications with Office 365 solutions
• Development of Workflow - SharePoint Designer, Custom, Nintex, and other custom workflow engine
• SharePoint and Dynamics 365 Application Integration with Active Directory, Email, Web and Desktop Applications



Plan, Design, Implement and Migrate SharePoint and Dynamics 365 in a very cost-effective and professional manner.


AnytimeOffice Cloud research team is always keen to identify innovative approaches towards productivity and business growth.


AnytimeOffice cloud services are designed thoughtfully by applying years of industry experience to address the today's business challenges.


AnytimeOffice places a high priority on the security of network, data and transactions and is designed according to industry standards. 


AnytimeOffice team always focuses on the best interest of clients and maintains the solution delivery with high standards.


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